Foreman pipefitter Jordan

"Good to talk to you!" they said

Independent contractor Jordan has been working at Slob for quite some time. He is a foreman pipefitter there. It is not the first time he has worked in Papendrecht: "I worked here before as well, and with pleasure. Then came a period with fewer orders. As a ZZP-er I started looking for other work."

Some ten years later and with experience at other large shipyards, Jordan felt strongly about checking back in with Slob. "What attracted me most was the wonderful product we work on here," he says. "If you're good at your craft, you really take credit for your work here."

"I just called," he says. "'Good to talk to you!" they said. 'We'll put you through to De Vlijt; who handles all our hiring'. And so I ended up with De Vlijt hiring coordinator Merve Elibol; also a professional, but in her field. She is there especially for Slob and went through and arranged everything with me."

"I had not dealt with De Vlijt before. For example, reversed billing was new to me. I find it easy. It means I don't have to keep track of my hours myself. That's done through the clock-in system. Every week De Vlijt sends me my timesheet and what I've earned. That is then immediately my invoice."

"I know a lot of people at Slob," Jordan says. "The atmosphere here is nice. And of course, as a ZZP-er, I am happy that the order book is well filled for the coming years. If you're looking for me? I'm here."