Yacht painting

Team spirit is important

Painting a yacht perfectly is not something you can do overnight. Patience and concentration are a must. Also, you must always want to learn. That makes every day a challenge. You are never alone; the painters work together as a team.

As a yacht painter you work sometimes in the workshop / paint shop, sometimes on the yacht. In the workshop you provide interior parts such as furniture and doors with a perfect coat of paint. Precision work! That coat of paint is beautiful to see and immediately protects against salt, weather and wind.


Even when working on the hull, yacht painting is precision work. What you do depends on the phase of completion. In the first phase you are sanding, cleaning and filling; a new layer each time. That can take a few months. Before the team moves on to the showcoat phase, all the work is checked again. And after the showcoat phase, it's done again. Because the end result must be a smooth hull. Finally, the team finishes the paint job with the topcoat.

Team player

As a yacht painter, you are a team player. During a large hull spraying session, sprayers and helpers work closely together.

Unique systems

In this profession, you are always learning. After all, you work with various high-quality paint applications and techniques. And these are constantly evolving. Also, all the layers, the paint and the colors used together form a unique paint system. The next yacht? Then another paint system.

"On no yacht is there a color that can be reused. Every color is special " - Bets Rosenboom, color specialist at De Klerk Binnenbouw



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