Skilled workers team meets at hull builder

Shipyard Slob, Papendrecht

The professionals who make up the De Vlijt Skilled Workers Team meet three times a year for a lunch meeting "plus. Such was the case on Thursday, November 17, at Slob Shipyard. Welding the hull of a superyacht? "Handsome work!"

The lunch meeting is at a different Feadship company each time. In this way skilled workers get acquainted with a work environment where they might be seconded one day. This time Scheepswerf Slob in Papendrecht was host. Carolien van Mens, Operational Assistant to the Management Team of Slob, and working as De Vlijt Vakkracht since September 2021, gave a presentation. This was about Slob and her own work at the hull builder.


"The shipyard was founded in 1947," Carolien said. "In 1994, the first hull was built for a superyacht. The planning of the various construction numbers is done anno 2022 in close consultation with the finishing yards. It is a complex and beautiful challenge to deal with on a daily basis."

"I enjoyed that this time the skilled workers lunch was at the location where I work. This allowed me to tell what exactly Slob does and everyone could taste the atmosphere here. Perhaps I made colleagues warm to do their next assignment here." - Carolien van Mens, Operational Assistant to the Management Team at Shipyard Slob

Taste the atmosphere

Helmets on, safety shoes on: time to taste atmosphere on the shop floor. After lunch, the Skilled Workers Team colleagues saw firsthand how the steel hull of a superyacht was welded together. "A fine piece of work!" someone joked admiringly.

Team Feeling

"The Skilled Workers Lunches are always very valuable and enjoyable," says Carolien, who has already experienced a number of them. "Whether you have been participating for years or have just started with the Skilled Workers Team: it is always nice to be able to exchange knowledge and experiences."